What makes Wagga Wagga

Diabetes Care healthy?

With regular exercise and meal cooked in Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care Oil, it's easier to maintain your body’s insulin level. Studies have proven that by substituting your regular cooking oil with Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care Oil along with your existing physician/ doctor prescribed regime and a low GL diet, it is easier to manage and control Diabetes.


Purity Straight
from the Source

No Pollution, No GM Seeds, No Chemicals

It all begins in the pristine, pollution-free lands around Wagga Wagga, Australia. This is where we grow, harvest and process non-GM seeds to create Wagga Wagga Diabetes Health Oil. Our seeds are grown in a radius of 100km from our factory, irrigated only by rain-water, and turned into oil in less than 24 hours in our expeller press plant. The result? A 100% pure and chemical-free oil with all the goodness of nature intact.


What's Cooking?

From stir fried veggies to delicious cutlets, from grilled and baked snacks to a full course Indian meal, Wagga Wagga Diabetes Health Oil is made for all kinds of cooking.

A Simple Step - With an active lifestyle and healthy meals cooked in Wagga Wagga Diabetes Health Oil, it's time to switch to a healthy life.


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