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What makes Wagga Wagga

Superfry healthy?

Unlike other oils which claim low absorption using artificial chemical additives,Superfry’s unique blend is 100% natural & chemical free. No additives, just fresh, pure, natural oil.

Superfry combines the great frying characteristics of palmolein (crispness and high smoking point) with the healthiness of our canola oil. The result? A frying oil which offers great taste with lowoil absorption. How low? As much as 25% less than regular oils.


Purity Straight
from the Source

No Pollution, No GM Seeds, No Chemicals

A blend of the finest Canola Oil, made from non-GM seeds, and a special high fraction grade of natural palmolein oil.

While we source our palmolein oil from a beautiful, serene pacific isle, the non-GM canola seeds are grown in a radius of 100 km from our factory, in the pure and pollution-free fields around Wagga Wagga, Australia. Bringing you a 100% pure and chemical-free oil with all the goodness of nature intact.


What's Cooking?

From your favourite puris to tikkis to everything you love to fry, with Wagga Wagga Superfry in your kitchen, get ready for some healthy indulgence.

A Simple Step - If you want to switch to a healthy life, it's time to switch to Superfry.


    Read the science behind our oils.

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